• Making Maps Together

    Making Maps Together

    Collaborative seafloor mapping for sustainable marine conservation in Arctic Canada

  • How does perspective shape research?

    How does perspective shape research?

    Under the big sky of Inuit Nunangat, communities rich in culture and history host hundreds of scientists every year.

  • Who lives on the bottom of the Ocean?
  • Polar Impact Feature

    Polar Impact Feature

    My name is Myrah, and I’m originally from Quebec, Canada. I grew up in the Laurentian hills, surrounded by temperate forests and lakes.

  • Arctic science to art

    Arctic science to art

    In the Canadian Arctic, science meets art in an innovative initiative fostering communication between early-career researchers and northern communities.

Gratitude to the Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) and Anishinabewaki, the original
stewards of the land where I came into being.

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